Hi, I'm David Tindell Paducah. Welcome to my profile!

David Tindell Paducah's Bio:

David Tindell is a 41 year old business owner.  He owns an IT company called Tindell Tech in Paducah, KY.  He has been a resident of Paducah for several years.  David Tindell has been working with the Paducah community to help better itself.  Doing community service such as helping raise money for Veterans, helping shape and improve local goverment. David Tindell has ran a YouTube channel, a twitch channel where all proceeds went to wounded veterans. David Tindell also has been a large help in getting local businesses the help they need to grow and make money.  Via online social media, website design, or network repair and administration.   David Tindell Paducah

David Tindell Paducah's Experience:

  • Owner-operator at Tindell Tech

    David Tindell Paducah business owner and operator

  • Owner at Self-Employed

David Tindell Paducah's Education:

  • ITT Technical Institute

    Concentration: Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Murray State University

    Concentration: Computer Science

David Tindell Paducah's Interests & Activities:

Graphic Design, Website Design, Photography, Computer Repair, Data Security, Video Games, Books, Movies, Art Appreciation, Martial Arts